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Although “eating right” was something I always tried to do, I believe my first steps into my own Healthy Lives Journey came during my Sophomore year in college. I started taking vitamins to gain some energy and ward off the colds that were going around campus. It did not go well, as I would take them in my dorm room before heading across campus to the cafeteria for breakfast. My empty stomach argued every morning, so after three weeks, I quit.

During Junior year Jo, Karen, Lauren, and I grabbed one of the on-campus apartments, allowing us to grocery shop and cook for ourselves. We all learned to plan and budget meals, and we gained experience in making healthy food choices. Salads and lean meats graced our table, along with the traditional college food choices of pizza, pasta, and stews. From our different backgrounds we were able to introduce each other to new and exciting recipes. We all saw that variety and balance really made for healthy living options.

Going into the work world, I found that I was spending more and more time at my desk or in my car commuting. Not like college where walking around campus provided exercise time. There was a park, with a lake, about one-half-a-mile away from the office. A pair sneakers and shorts or jeans meant that a few days a week I could walk up to and around the lake and back on my lunch hour. I felt good to get out in the fresh air.

Four years after I got married I was blessed to be pregnant with my first child. At that time I, like many new mothers, was aware of what I was eating and how it was affecting my health and the health of my baby. I really worked to choose good foods during the pregnancy and while nursing.

When my son was two-years-old I was introduced to the Shaklee company and really began to learn about health, nutrition, and vitamin supplements.   I learned that what I ate, my stress level, my exercise routine, and my supplementation, my household cleaners, and my personal care products all impacted my health. I changed my cleaners, changed my skincare, retooled a few recipes, and started again on vitamins. (I learned to take them with a meal and my stomach agreed). To my pleasure all my life-long, Autumn allergies disappeared. I had more energy, and felt great – with many people commenting on my energy while raising three children.

Recently, I’ve started on a new Life Plan of exercise and soy protein shakes. The results have been wonderful. I worked up to the exercise routine I now do. I started with ten minutes a day and now energetically walk three to four miles – five days a week. I learned to use the shakes with fruit to make smoothies that invigorate me every day.

For over 20 years, I’ve been the owner of Healthy Lives Enterprises.  My ambition is to help people just like you move forward in both their health and finances through my personalized systems.  Today, more than ever, people understand that they have the power to be in control of these areas of their lives.  Through Healthy Lives Enterprises I am able to partner with people and make a positive impact.

And please visit (and Like ) me on Facebook and on my Website.  I’m looking forward to seeing you around my little portion of the internet.

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