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Hemmed PantsSome call me short,

Some call me petite,

Some call me height-challenged.

Part of my personal healthy life journey has been learning that my height can’t be changed, and that I will have to adapt.

Yes, I am all of the above. Asking for help at the grocery store to get the box on the top shelf. I have a child’s step stool in the kitchen to reach the top cabinet shelves. I’m okay with it. It even affects me when I purchase clothing.

Over the years I have gotten pretty good at hemming pants, skirts, dresses, shorts, culottes, sleeves of shirts and jackets, etc. It usually is no problem. Sometimes I can figure it out by myself, and sometimes I ask assistance from my husband or daughter.

This past week, I hemmed three pairs of pants. I had been turning up the cuffs to wear them. Turned-up cuffs have their place, however when I really looked, none of these were terribly pleasing to me.

One pair of jeans was purchased in early January. With the hem complete they look so much better. They look nice with flat shoes, and they aren’t too bulky to tuck into boots. They also look better if I want to look a little nicer.

The jeans are a dark blue, which means I look put-together and casual-professional when I want. These jeans and the right blouse, jacket, and jewelry, look good together.

The second pair were maroon color jeans. I only needed to turn them up once to get the right length, and the inside was the same color as the outside. Yet, it seemed that I just wasn’t fully together when I wore these pants. Hemming them allows me to have the outfits I wear be more presentable, and the color really brightens up the outfit.

Now I can expand my color options when I go out to meet with family, friends, and clients. As with the blue jeans, the right blouse, jacket, and jewelry complete the outfit.

The third pair was a pair of dark brown, medium-wale corduroys. These I have had the longest, and frankly I hadn’t hemmed them, because they would take extra effort.   The effort didn’t come from the fact that they were corduroys. They were a very easy-to-sew, soft and pliable material. The challenge was that these were older pants that I had acquired and were slightly bell-bottomed.

They fit beautifully above the knee, and were very comfortable, so when I got them I was excited to keep them. I guess I must have been busy, or lazy, and just never got around to it. Some of you may have similar projects around waiting for you.

I finally took that extra step and re-sewed the inside seam from the knee down. What had been a pair of bell-bottoms is now a pair of straight-legged pants. When I sewed the actual cuff — Wow! Just what I’ve been imagining these pants could look like. The rich brown color will go nicely in a casual office situation. And the corduroy material makes them fun to wear when hanging out with family and friends. Another pair of versatile pants.

Being diminutive means that I sometimes can’t wear things off-the-shelf, and yet I will try. Doing a little sewing though means that I can look well put-together.

I am very glad I took on this task. I think I may have one more pair of jeans I should hem up. I’m ready with needle and thread for that and the next hemming project.

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