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The healthier you eat, the more energetic you feel. Your immune system becomes stronger, sleep improves, and your mental clarity is enhanced. You probably already know that you should eat healthier. You know that the best nutrition comes from your food, not vitamins. And you know that whole, unprocessed, foods are best.

What you may struggle with is the lifestyle change. It can be extremely challenging to change your diet and improve your nutrition. The following tips and steps are super simple. You can start making real change to your diet and your health today.

Reduce the Number of Sugary DrinksYou Consume in One Day

More and more studies are showing that sugar is one of the most addictive foods and one of the most destructive to our health. One of the easiest steps you can take to begin cutting back on this toxic substance is to cut back on sugary drinks. It starts with knowing how many you drink in a day. Do you drink soda? Do you drink coffee with syrups, sugared milk substitutes, or sweeteners? Do you drink flavored milk? What about lemonade and alcoholic beverages?

Simply count how many you drink in a day and commit to reducing that number. It can take time. For example, if you drink three sodas a day you might initially cut back to two, then one, and then a half, and then one a week.

Add Vegetables to Every Meal

You can really enhance your nutrition by eating more vegetables. Add spinach to your morning egg scramble or start drinking smoothies in the morning. Swap French fries for coleslaw or a side salad at lunch. Instead of a baked potato at dinner, try a sweet potato and a side of broccoli. And eat your vegetables before you eat the other items on your plate.

Swap Simple Carbs for Complex Carbs

The simplest way to accomplish this is to get rid of all of your items made from white flour. Just toss them. They have little to no nutritional value. Replace them with items made from 100% whole grain. Will it take time to get used to? Probably. Rest assured, though, your taste buds will adapt and you’ll be glad you’re eating better.

Please know that healthy eating is a lifelong process. Small changes that you make today have lasting results. Be patient with yourself. Be persistent. Also keep in mind that moderation is key to change. If you strive to never eat sugar again, you’re probably going to crave nothing but sugar. You’re setting yourself up for failure.

However, if you decide that you can have a sugary snack once a week, not only will you have more self-control, you’ll also discover that the sugary treat holds little appeal after a while. It loses its hold over you. Pick one step and make today the first day on your path to better nutrition.

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